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Closewatch Has Flown the Nest!

Green Feathers

After years of business, Roger has now retired and therefore Closewatch is now closed to orders.

Closewatch has now handed over the reins to Green Feathers, who provide the best-selling bird box cameras online, to take the business forward. Please visit the website to view the range of wildlife camera solutions for bird nesting boxes and associated accessories.


Nest boxes fitted with background lighting are the only systems that you can be sure of having high resolution colour images during the day no matter what the outside weather conditions, because more light in nest box the means finer detail.  This is how Springwatch have such clear images filmed in nest boxes.

Relying on the only light to enter an ambient light nest box through opaque side windows means that the camera image will "hunt" between colour and black and white when the outside conditions are wet, dull or overcast.  Bright sunlight is the only possibility of ensuring colour pictures from this type of nest box.

Compare the different quality of all our available cameras by clicking onto the live camera feeds below. 

Being at one with nature has never been easier. Our range of non-intrusive wildlife cameras means that you can be up close and personal with what’s going on in your garden without disturbing nature. Our bird feeder and nest box cameras, along with our wildlife camera units, allow you to get to know the animals living right under your nose. We stock a fantastic range of bird box cameras for you to choose from.

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool nature enthusiast, a parent or teacher wanting to educate children about our fellow creatures, or simply an animal lover, you can watch and record your own garden’s spectacular TV channel from the comfort of your living room.

blue tit

Your own wildlife TV channel  using the same cameras used by BBC 'Springwatch'

CCTV technology and professional picture quality, enjoy the activities of animals and birds in your garden. The quality and reliability of our cameras was chosen by the BBC to be used for  "Springwatch"

By choosing any of either 420 TV line standard resolution, 540 TV line high resolution, our Ultra High resolution 700 TV line, or our new Super Ultra High Resolution 800 TV line, or IP HD camera means that you can film and enjoy your own back garden "Springwatch" from the comfort of your armchair.

All of our cameras fit unobtrusively into their local environment, with low-level background lighting, which switches off automatically at dusk so as not to confuse the wildlife’s natural clock. You can even help animals while enjoying their antics as our nest box cameras and feeders provide shelter and nourishment for all sorts of birds, mammals and aquatic wildlife. You can buy with peace of mind too as all of our nest boxes and birdfeeders are made from FSC cedar wood taken from renewable sources.

Capture nature as it should be – free from human intrusion

Our cameras are so discreet that the creatures being filmed are completely undisturbed in their everyday life and ours are the only nest box cameras with background lighting to give you guarenteed full colour images during daylight hours. From hedgehog homes to bat boxes, pond cameras to nest box cameras, whatever the wildlife in your garden, you can record its progress and enjoy its activities. Whether you want infra-red, a fully submersible unit, motion detecting camera or simply a basic kit to watch the local birds, our cameras are designed to make the most of your garden.

See your garden in a whole new light

Our cameras and kits come in a wide-range of prices to suit even the tightest budgets and make ideal gifts for nature lovers, elderly relatives or would be Sir David Attenboroughs. Get in touch with nature and shop online today.

There is something very special about having the ability to watch our wild feathered friends whilst they attempt to rear their family. More important than being able to watch them, is the absolute necessity to ensure that the pleasure we derive from our actions doesn’t cause the birds any distress.

We only supply the best cameras for observing many different animals and birds in their natural habitat and there are different price points depending on the features of each camera. Cameras supplied by us are used in many professional situations and by prominent organisations.

We are sure that you will be delighted by the choice of cameras and nest boxes available. Over the past few years the ability to watch birds closely in their nest without fear of disturbing them has become very popular, in fact at times it is difficult to leave viewing them to do other things – you don’t know what you’ll miss! It is a great opportunity for parents to sit with their children who are fascinated by watching the chicks being fed. It is only since the advent of nest boxes cameras that we have the chance to see nature at its best.

We have a choice of 20 metre cable, power supply unit and is ready to be plugged into the television.

We have a wide choice of bird and nest boxes suitable for every location. There is a wonderful range of bird feeder cameras which will show the birds whilst they are hanging from the feeders, sometimes upside down! Those parents with young children who want to encourage them into watching wildlife, especially in their own garden, will benefit enormously from the antics of the birds. Both the parents and children gain from the time spent observing the lifestyles of the various birds in their garden.

Take a look at our House Martin and Swallow camera which is an adaptation from an exterior vandal proof, all weather dome camera unit. Available at £150 this unit has been fitted with an ultra high resolution 700 TVL CCD colour low light camera which has a 2.5-11mm vari-focal lens. This provides the clearest images. The camera is supplied complete with 20 metres of cable, power supply unit and accessories to enable viewing on a television.

We have camera units for every different eventuality and can even provide a camera for your pond. We also supply fully portable field kits, and of course, these are ideal for a day out or even on a camping trip designed to show the children many differing habitats where they can find lots of species of, not only birds, but other small mammals and creatures.

We really want you to be happy with your purchases, and we are always happy to help our customers if they have any queries. Please fill in the contact form or ring us and we will be delighted to assist you to make the correct choice for your situation.

All our nest boxes and birdfeeders are made from FSC English red cedar wood  taken from renewable sources in the UK

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